Blade and Souls Revolution Guide

Hello Everyone, We’ll try a new style to help you get through BnS Revolution. If you have any questions, feel free to PM us on our Facebook Page or just comment on the post and we will reply shortly. This guide is going to revolve around PvE content. It’s going to be divided up in multiple sections so you can find what you need quickly.

I’ll try to keep the explanations simple so that new users who are not familiar with how some things work can get through it without getting lost or confused. Within each section of this guide, you will find multiple sub sections so be sure to check them all out!

how many chapters in blade and soul revolution

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a new character and complete the tutorial. Unfortunately, the website has no section explaining how to play this game so hopefully this will help those who are struggling with it. This guide covers up until level 45 which is where most of us are at right now as well as the endgame PvE content. So let’s begin, shall we?

What is Blade and Souls Revolution ?

Blade and Souls Revolution is a MMOARPG by NCSOFT. It’s the base version of what will become BnS 2.0 within a couple of months. This guide is going to cover everything about that game from how to play it, endgame stuffs as well as the cash shop and how it affects you in the game. For those of you familiar with the original BnS, a lot of things have changed so be sure to check this out as well!

How to get started with the game

1.  Create a new character and complete the tutorial.

2.   Open your patcher and download everything till you reach 100%

3.  Login and if it doesn’t patch, log out of the game completely and try again or just simply close your patcher and reopen it while being logged in on BnS Revolution.

4.   Once you are in game, your screen should look like this

5.  Go to the main menu –> quests –> and accept all available quests (up till level 10)

6.  After that go to the PvP quest at (204,119) near siren’s shore

7. Complete that quest as well then do

The different classes in the game and what they are capable of doing

There are 4 different classes in the game which are the Kung Fu Master, Blade Dancer, Destroyer and Force Master. They are all capable of doing endgame content but some are more geared towards tanking while others are meant to dish out heavy damage. I’ll explain each class in detail below

The best ways to level up quickly in the game

Follow the quests that are given to you by the quest board/mini map. You’ll also learn how to use your hotkeys and other things in this phase so just follow all the available quests till level 10.The quests have a yellow exclamation mark.

Do not do anything in between while you’re leveling up that is not related to quests. If you level up from killing mobs aimlessly, the exp doesn’t count towards your progress since it’s considered as being offline. It will still increase your online time so don’t worry about that.

How to make money in the game  

There are 3 ways to make money in the game which are through fishing, doing quests and by killing mobs. The best way however is by doing quests since you’ll be getting a lot of drops along the way that will sell for a good amount.

Fishing is something you can do while you’re at work, sleeping or just chilling somewhere else. It’s one of the best ways to make money so definitely check it out if you want some extra cash. To fish all you need is water bottles (which you can buy for 700 wcoins each) and fishing rods which you can make or buy. You can get different types of fish like the squid, lobster, red snapper etc. Fishing takes up a lot of stamina so be sure to cook your seafood after you’re done catching them if you want to level up.