ARK Survival Evolved : Dung Beetle

I’m currently stuck in the spawn cave, but that’s not really what matters to me. It would be amazing if you could put armor on these guys, and give them the same HP as the scorpion or spider (basically give them a little extra, put them in the red). This would be amazingly helpful when you’re trying to start off and get away from predators. You can lure it away and deal with it later without wasting too much of your resources!

I bring you a very useful dino tame. The beetle can be found in many places around the island, I find them mostly in forested areas and near large supply of feces/fecesweed plants.

how do you get a dung beetle in ark

Beetles are really good for farming, no matter if it’s feces or berries – they can carry them long distances without exhausting themselves too quickly to be useful. Their efficiency isn’t the best when it comes to berry bushes, but It can easily make up for that with feces which can be found in much larger numbers and at equal distance.

where do you find dung beetles ark

They leave a steaming pile of dung behind which you can pick up if you use an empty hand – it will increase your spoil timer as well as the corresponding dino’s food and water by 100%. You can also just pick them straight from their dung piles.

how do you get dung beetles in ark survival evolved

Pros & Cons: + doesn’t need oxygen and can dig deep underground  (so it’s immune against lava)

  • can’t carry as much as an Anky (get their weight up, it’s sad to see them go hungry)
  • can’t carry wood (if you have a sick base, that would be really annoying)
  • needs more meat than berries if You want them to stay healthy long term You need to train your beetle by feeding him feces of the same kind of dino.
  • You can get the feces from the dung piles and feed it to your beetle for a training effect. The training doubles if you do it on max weight (which is 50%)

You don’t need to feed them when they’re full, it’s enough to give them feces when they get hungry (by putting the feces in their inventory), because of this, they can carry up to three feces which makes them

This guide will show you how to use the beetle for great advantage of your tribe.

First you need some feces or fecesweed, this can be harvested from large beasts around the island that eat them (Diplocaulus, Phiomia, etc.).

You will also need to get a beetle egg… This is used for taming so harvesting isn’t advised. It can be found on trees in forested areas.

The last thing you will need is a large stack of narcotics… this is to tame the beetles en-mass. I would suggest using 13-15 narcoberries per beetle if your going to ride them or even more if your going to use them for farming feces. The beetles only take about 3 minutes from level one to maxed so its worth it.

Beetles can hold about 4 times the weight of a human and move slightly faster than a Parasaur, this makes them great for moving large amounts of supplies without having to worry about losing your stuff while you’re not watching it.

Remember that beetles and other insects are poisoned by aloe vera plants and can die very quickly if you leave them in one.


I would suggest harvesting feces and fecesweed from the island because its free and they never seem to run out. If your going to ride them or use them for snail bait then just build a simple box with sides at least high enough for a Parasaur to not be able to attack you while you’re inside.