Caddy role on Tiger woods

The caddy role on Tiger Woods’ bag is still unclear. His longtime looper, Stevie Williams showed up at the Deutsche Bank Championship today after being spotted days earlier in Boston. But he was not carrying bags or gear for any of the players out here at TPC Boston.

One might wonder if Woods’ new caddy would want to familiarize himself with his surroundings or get to know some of his fellow caddies at TPC Boston before he starts this week. A Woods rep said Monday night that they wouldn’t be able to provide any details on who would carry the bag or when it would start until Wednesday. So, perhaps no announcements before Wednesday. But there are also indications that there will be no announcement at all this week either since the situation is not clearly resolved.

what does tiger woods caddy make

Stevie Williams joined Tiger Woods’ bag for the first two rounds of last year’s U.S. Open, marking his return to competitive golf after being away from the game for six years .

If Stevie will be joining Tiger at today’s Deutsche Bank Championship, he probably won’t have much time to get reacquainted with his old friend. In the past when Stevie carried the bag, Tiger’s scoring average in stroke play was at 70.17 and he missed 8 cuts from 36 starts during that time which is a little over 22%. In his other tournaments where he did not have Stevie on his bag, his scoring average was at 69.64 and he made 19 cuts from 36 starts during that time which is a little over 51%.

How Tiger Woods utilized his caddy to improve his game

One of the most successful professional golfers in history, if not THE most, Tiger Woods’ mental game is what makes him so dominant over his opponents. He is famous for being able to focus his mind on a shot and block out all distractions.

This has been attributed to a synergistic relationship between his caddy, Stevie Williams, and himself which was created over the years through much trial and error. In this article we’ll explore how they used various strategies to create a team mentality between them in order to achieve Tiger’s full potential as a golfer.

The benefits of having a good caddy on your side

Although this is not universal, many players and their coaches believe that the caddy is actually integral to the mental side of a golfer’s game. This was true, in particular with former world #1 Tiger Woods and his coach Sean Foley. Stevie Williams looked after Tiger’s yardages while Sean Foley made sure he was fully prepared to play the game mentally. It was a strong working relationship which was instrumental in helping propel Tiger to win 14 Major championships.

How much influence does the caddy really have on the outcome of the game

“Being totally objective, you could almost say ‘no’ because the caddy doesn’t do anything to help him hit the shots. But there’s so much more than that”,Sean Foley said in an interview once. Although Tiger was already an incredibly talented golfer with god given natural talent, he tried hard to break his mind away from tendencies that he had developed during his early years as a young golf prodigy.

As an example, Foley shared the story of Tiger’s practice sessions where Foley noticed how hard it was for Tiger to resist looking at his ball after he had teed off – almost as if he wanted to make sure it went in – so they began working on interrupting these habits. “I can remember many sessions where I would be talking to him during his practice rounds, talking the whole time saying the same thing over and over again”.