Best Way to Ranked Up in Valorant

Hello everyone. Today i will tell you best way how to ranked up in valorant. Game is still new and it have a lot of big players but all of them does not know how to ranked up very fast as fas as possible. In this article i use my experience as well as research so lets start guide about Ranked Up In Valorant.

First thing you need to know is that if you want ranked up very fast as possible, you will need a lot of elemental coins(Tin coins). I dont knew why but its looks like this game have the best way how to paid by Tin Coins. So what is elemental coins? Elemental Coins are used for upgrade items in your inventory so in this case you will need these coins in huge numbers to ranked up.

how many wins do you need to rank up in valorant?

Since this game doesnt have daily login reward like many other games do, questions about how much wins you need to ranked up appears very often. I started playing this game with my friend at the same time and i think i played more than he did but still when i was in 60th lvl he already reached 69lvl. This game is very different from other games. For example if you played league of legends and reached lvl30 then you know that this game is very fast to ranked up but in valorant it takes a lot more time because of lack of daily login reward.

Play the game for a long time – very slow way how to ranked up

Playing the game for few month will not help you reach lvl70. It is just waste of time with no result at all. You need to play the game every day and every second counts because you can miss an item that gives 50% more elemental coins if bought before end of a season/event.

Get your character to level 15

Its very difficult to achieved get your character to lvl15 especially if you start this game from scratch. You can argue that it isnt hard at all but for new player it is very hard because 1lvl costs 3k 8 elemental coins and this means 21k coins for your 1st lvl and 42k coins for 2nd lvl. So its 67k coins for lvl2 if you call this not hard then i can say that its not hard to reached lvl70 either.

Join a guild that is at least tier 1

I cant say that you need a lvl1 tier1 guild because it cost a lot of money to upgrade your guild. I started playing this game with my friend and we decided to go in the same guild but soon as i realized what is going on there i went out from this guild as fast as i can. This game have a good teamplay but you will not be able to enjoy it if your guild is on the bottom of ranking list.

Defeat other players in PvP battles

Im not gonna talk about how this game have a nice PvP battles because you can watch that in the video below. There is one thing i need to tell you before i show you it. This game has slowest ranking up if you dont defeat other players in PvP battles at least every day. I used to do this every day and my friend didnt so the result is huge.


I hope you guys enjoyed my little guide how to ranked up in valorant and if you did then leave a like and comment bellow. If you have some ideas about what should i add or change in this article/video then let me know so we can discuss it together.